IFRS 17 Workshop

IFRS 17 with a focus on process and technology


An important question to cover, is how IFRS 17 should relate to your current reporting processes, what can be re-used and what do you need to develop in addition to what you already have in place, in terms of data, calculations and systems.

This Analysis Workshop, will provide you and your team with perspectives and recommendations on how technology can support your end-to-end reporting process, making sure your project also keeps a clear focus on long-term cost-effectiveness, and process optimizations.

In cooperation with your team, we will have a look at your current system set-up and reporting process, and will result in recommendations to how data can effectively be managed, and how the calculation process can be set up in a controllable and transparent environment.

Fill out the form to the right, and we will contact you for scheduling and details on how the workshop can be set-up for your team: